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A very simple WIP of a top-down I've been working on for a while. Not very advanced but has most of it's main mechanics implemented, which includes the ability to slice enemy bullets out of the air. Some enemy bullets can't be sliced away, but you'll have to find that out on your own ;)

WASD - Movement
Mouse - Aim
Left click - Shoot gun
Right click - Swing sword
ESC - Reset game

Uses an ammo system for both your gun and sword, after about a second they will start to regenerate. Pick up health packs to get some HP back to keep killin' baddies.

Every time you click the "Play" button the game will randomly put you into 1 of 2 levels with some bad guys in them. There is no progression so once a level is devoid of enemies you can press ESC and play again, maybe you'll get the other level!

Install instructions

Download and start up the game! No installation needed, just go ahead and run the .exe!


Top-DownWIP.exe 2 MB

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